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Corliss provides its participants home-based services and support in both a Residential Program as well as educational activities for daily living skills in the Day Program.

Medical supervision and support, provided as needed, are the features and the provision of alternate communication modes for the Deaf or Deaf and Developmentally Disabled individuals make Corliss unique.

Tim Corbitt

Executive Director

Welcome To The Corliss Institute!

I am Tim Corbitt, Executive Director of The Corliss Institute.

If you would like to be a part of our mission and wish to contribute your talent, time, or gifts, please let us know. We are looking to grow our partnerships with individuals, businesses, and other organizations, so that we can make an even greater impact this year.

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At the Corliss Institute, we hire the best staff to ensure that all the needs of our clients are met and to maintain our various services to the highest possible standard of care. 

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Our Values

At The Corliss Institute, we believe in five values that make our organization strong and that we use to motivate our staff to treat our clients with the best of care.


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For Over Forty years The Corliss Institute has provided quality service and programs to our members and Rhode Island’s deaf and hard of hearing community as a whole

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