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Can you order modafinil online ? What Kind of Medication Could Modafinil Be Used For? Who Should Not Use Modafinil Should I Buy Modafinil Online Other Modafinil Side Effects Is Modafinil a Drug? Do You Need Medical Testing? Why Do People Take Modafinil? A pair of brothers who took their baby brother around New York City last month to pose with the Statue of Liberty were arrested Thursday on suspicion of child endangerment and endangering the welfare of their child, authorities said. The two men, Benjamin Thompson, 19, and Tyler 20, both of Yonkers, are due in district court White Plains on Thursday, said Peter Carruthers, a spokesman for the Nassau County police. A spokeswoman for the Manhattan District Attorney's office declined to comment on the case. The NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau investigated the incident last month, although no charges have been filed, police said. The department's child abuse squads was notified of the incident last week. canada drug store shop online officers investigating the incident will decide whether twins' actions constituted criminal endangerment. Benjamin Thompson (pictured) took his baby brother, Tyler, to the Statue of Liberty in August to pose for pictures with the statue. Both were arrested on child endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child charges. NYPD The two men's mother, Jessica Stowe, 32, told CBS2 a police report says Benjamin Thompson had "left his newborn at a relative's home" after the visit to New York City. Stowe said her son told Benjamin Thompson had been sleeping in the apartment with Tyler, who has asthma, and while the boy slept, Benjamin Thompson pulled the child from his bed and walked around with his arms the baby. STORY: Mom Tries to Save Husband From Arrest Stowe said Tyler was awake and crying during the incident. "He was completely oblivious," she said. The two were taken to Jamaica Hospital in White Plains for medical attention. When the hospital personnel noticed Tyler's breathing was labored and he appeared lethargic, had to be revived, Stowe said. "He had not been sleeping properly," Stowe said. Benjamin Thompson, pictured, took his baby brother Tyler, a 2-month-old, with him when he visited New York City in August to pose with the statue. Both were arrested and taken to hospital on alleged child endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child charges. NYPD At the hospital, Benjamin Thompson said he hadn't seen the boy or his brother for modafinil order online uk three months but agreed to take the infant with him to pose the Statue of Liberty for a second time. Stowe claims her son refused to go. "There was no way he going to walk in the middle of street with a baby," Stowe said. Stowe said her son had to put Tyler sleep after the incident because he was sick. It was a different story on Aug. 30, however. Tyler was back at the Stowe home, where he was found unconscious on the living room floor. Stowe said she called 911 at around 2 a.m. when Tyler woke up and didn't respond to her, Stowe said the 911 operators asked her why paramedics couldn't be called Where can i buy modafinil in uk to the scene. "They asked me whether I wanted them to call the ambulance because I had put my son down," Stowe said. Stowe said she was told would know when the ambulance arrived. Police said both boys were wearing their life jackets around.
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