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Buying modafinil in canada. I am doing my best to keep up date with this thread. A group of about 20 protesters who staged a prayer action at the University of Texas-Austin campus on Wednesday are not backing down, and their message has some University of Texas-Austin students feeling a little uneasy. About a dozen members of the Peaceful Restraining Order Coalition, or PROC, set up chairs across the campus in front of to sit and pray in solidarity with the University of Texas system's ruling that found a white student was guilty of racial bias but that others should not be charged with hate crimes. Protesters started a small demonstration in response, gathering to pray with a sign that said "Black lives matter." They were stopped by a group of people wearing T-shirts that said "Stand with UT" who told a group of protesters that "it's the law. You have to obey the law. Here's law." Two other protests then took place at the UT-Austin campus. one demonstration, about a dozen people blocked the main entrance to UT-Austin campus, and there was a small scuffle with riot police, who said they made two arrests, one for assault and resisting arrest. At another protest, a small group gathered outside the President's Mansion, waving a sign that read "Black Lives Matters" and sitting in a circle. Two police officers also approached the people. One held his hand up for the sign and other asked students for permission to speak with them, but the group responded that they would not be moving. One of the students then started arguing with police. The protesters then left peacefully. Protesters continue to protest on campus. "If you're a white person and you protest the police killing of black bodies every day — this is what you get," PROC activist DeRay Mckesson told @CBSDFW — Tom Fox (@TomFoxNews) November 18, 2015 Protesters chanted "If you're a white person and you protest the police killing of black bodies every day — this is what you get" as they marched to the Student Union. Two officers escorted protesters off of campus. One girl said all it would take is a black police officer to kill a black man and all of those protestors would be on their own side. As they did, students were taking part in a demonstration on the U.S. Capitol Square to push for an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The protests at UT-Austin are not the first to protest a case of alleged bias at the university. A group of around 70 Black Lives Matter activists protested the death of Sandra Bland last month. was found dead on July 13 at a county jail in Waller County. Her friends said she had been arrested for an alleged traffic offense before being pulled over because of a seatbelt violation. The protesters said she was found dead in her jail cell from a suicide attempt. Bland's death garnered widespread attention and caused protests at more than 100 campuses across the nation. This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: This week, we spend the hour taking aim at United States' longest standing and most controversial war. The war that began in 1917, has claimed the lives of more than 70,000 Americans and a third of the Iraqi population, with as many 200,000 dead in the two countries since their initial escalation in 2003. The U.S./Iran conflict—since it began in August 1979—has resulted the deaths of an estimated Modafinil bestellen indien 1,000 to 2,000 Iranian civilians. And U.S./Israel tensions have soared in recent weeks.
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