Photo of student from Corliss Institute riding a painted horse on a carousel

Summer 2018 Newsletter

The members went to Canobie Lake in June. This is an annual trip the members take every year. Some of the activities they enjoy are a ride called the Boston Tea Party. It is a water ride that drops fifty feet splashing into the water below. Other activities were bumper cars, the Carousel, and sky tram. They ate lunch at the park. After lunch it was time for ice cream and then the trip home. The staff and members had a nice fun day.

Other things that happened-

Tom Redman went Rock Climbing with two staff Corey Stanley and Manny Pavao. Tom really enjoyed the experience. Tom has limited vision, so this was a real accomplishment for Tom.

Marco Meneses will be joining his family this month to celebrate his parents 50th wedding anniversary.

The members made pizza for the first time in cooking class and enjoyed the experience. All staff sampled the pizza and thought it was very good. All the members were able to participate in the fun.

Tara Donahue celebrated her birthday this month. Her Mother and Aunt came down to the Center with a cake, so Tara could celebrate with the peers and staff.
On the following Saturday Tara went to her Mothers home in Providence to partake in a family reunion seeing some family members she had not seen in a while.

Claudio Leite completed a six-week job at Bristol Recreation. Claudio was contracted to teach sign language to about 13 individuals that signed up for the class. The classes were successful – as a result Claudio may be teaching another class in the fall. He was assisted with class preparation by DSP Mary Beaudry from Corliss.

Jason Haritos along with Mary Beaudry (Corliss DSP) toured a wood working facility in Pawtucket RI called Bits and Ends. The company makes various wood products like cutting boards and other types of products. Jason has expressed an interest in working with wood, so it was arranged for Jason to take a tour of the facility. Jason has also been invited to join a class of individuals that will be trained in wood working with a goal of possible employment in the field.

Bertha Avila, Charlene Chan, Marco Meneses and Monica Grandchamp went to the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut with DSP Kayla Garvin and Manny Pavao And Kayla Osorio They spent the day enjoying all the various exhibits. After they had lunch at the Aquarium.