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QUESTION: How do I contact The Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities & Hospitals (BHDDH)?

ANSWER: The Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities & Hospitals (BHDDH) is located at 14 Harrington Rd, Cranston, RI 02920. Their telephone number is (401) 462-3421. They offer Adult Services for ages 21 and up.

CLICK HERE for their website.


QUESTION: How do I apply to work for The Corliss Institute?

ANSWER: To apply for Direct Support positions online, please go to our HELP WANTED page and follow instructions there


QUESTION: How do I apply to volunteer for The Corliss Institute?

ANSWER: To volunteer your services, please email us on our CONTACT US PAGE


QUESTION: What is the difference between Individual Support and Residential Services?

ANSWER: Individual Support Services are provided to approved for services by the state and either residential or community-based support. Residential Supports are provided to those members 24/7.


QUESTION: What kinds of support do our staff offer for our individuals on a daily basis.

ANSWER: Depending on their level of need, we offer all amenities contoured to their every need. They help with shopping, medical appointments, leisure activities, banking, personal care, meal preparation, medication management, routine medical care, socialization, among other services.


QUESTION: How can I take part in a program at The Corliss Institute?

ANSWER: To receive members as a member of the Corliss Institute, you must be eligible as determined by BHDDH and have their Service Coordinator send over a referral. Then, all you need do is call and sign up! BHDDH will then inform us of the referral for services and we will then contact you.


QUESTION: Where is your Notice of Privacy Practices?

Please CLICK HERE to read our Notice of Privacy Practices.


QUESTION: How does my son or daughter become eligible for services?

ANSWER: The Corliss Institute accepts all individuals 18 years and older. If you are 18-21 To begin the process, a family would be referred to DCYF, or BHDDH those 21 and above for an intake to determine eligibility for services.

CLICK HERE for Rhode Island Department of Children Youth and Families (DCYF)

CLICK HERE for The Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities & Hospitals (BHDDH).


QUESTION: What is the process to access services if my son or daughter is found eligible?

ANSWER: Families are contacted by BHDDH and provided a list of eligible providers.  If The Corliss Institute, Inc. is included on the providers list, a family can call to schedule a visit that will include a tour of the facility and meeting(s) with Corliss institute staff.  During a visit, families will have opportunities to explore services, ask questions and see if they are comfortable in proceeding further. 

If interested in taking the next step, families can then request to have BHDDH make a formal referral to The Corliss Institute for appropriate services. 


QUESTION: How do I receive Representative Payee Services?

ANSWER: To obtain Representative Payee Services, you must meet the definition of intellectual and developmental disability in Rhode Island. You must receive some type of support services either through us or another agency and be in need of a payee.

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