History of the Corliss Institute

In 1982, The Corliss Institute, Inc. was created to provide an educational, environmental and residential setting for a small group of Deaf adults with developmental disabilities.  Today The Corliss Institute, Inc. serves adults with developmental disabilities who rely on various communication modes other than the spoken language to communicate.

Our main Campus includes the Day Center, an administrative building, three group homes and ten apartments.  At the center of our campus we host a variety of outdoor events and have a community garden that is maintained by our clients and local residents of the community. The Corliss Institute also owns 18 condominium units and one single family house in the historical part of downtown Warren.  All apartments are within walking distance to the main campus.  We provide around the clock staffing to ensure all clients’ safety and daily support needs are met.

The town of Warren provides a variety of leisurely activities that our clients participate in, including walking/riding along the bike path, exploring the downtown shops and dining at the local restaurants, many on the waterfront. The quaintness of the town has allowed the clients to develop relationships with many of the community residents, who now participate in many of our fundraising and open door events.

At The Corliss Institute various methodologies are used to increase communication.  Sign language is our primary language (ASL, signed English, home sign, and gestures).  Communication methods are designed and tailored to match each member’s ability.

We hope you visit our website again for updates on our Programs, events, and other activities. We occasionally hold events that are open to the community and you would be welcome to attend.