About Us

In 1982, The Corliss Institute, Inc. was created to provide an educational, environmental and residential setting for a small group of Deaf adults with developmental disabilities.  Today The Corliss Institute, Inc. serves adults with developmental disabilities who rely on various communication modes other than the spoken language to communicate.

Our main Campus includes the Day Center, an administrative building, three group homes and ten apartments.  At the center of our campus we host a variety of outdoor events and have a community garden that is maintained by our clients and local residents of the community. The Corliss Institute also owns 18 condominium units and one single family house in the historical part of downtown Warren.  

All apartments are within walking distance to the main campus.  We provide around the clock staffing to ensure all clients’ safety and daily support needs are met.

You Have the Power to better the lives of the RI hearing-impaired community

A Message From The Executive Director

Tim Corbitt New Headshot

Timothy Corbitt Executive Director

Since arriving at The Corliss Institute earlier in 2022, I have witnessed an amazing community of individuals who have come together to celebrate life’s possibilities.

Through it all, I have seen this family that we call The Corliss Institute, serve as a source of warmth, love, and healing; inspiring the hope needed to persevere through difficult and challenging circumstances, and to reach beyond that which we thought was the limit.

This is an incredible place, not only for our members, but for our staff as well.

Our staff members are amazing people who have dedicated their time and talents to be of service to others.

The bonds that have been forged within our community inspire hope, compassion and have stood the test of time. 

Our values of dignity, individuality, service, community, and leadership have been at our core since our founding in 1982. It is through these values, guided by our mission, that The Corliss Institute has risen to become a highly respected leader and provider of services to members of the deaf and hard of hearing community who also have various disabilities.

Although we are blessed with an amazing staff, committed family members, and a dedicated and involved board of directors, we cannot succeed without the help of others. We deeply appreciate the time, talents, and gifts of those on the East Bay, and in the broader Rhode Island community, who have partnered with us to make a difference in the lives of our members and their families.

If you would like to be a part of our mission and wish to contribute your talent, time, or gifts, please let us know. We are looking to grow our partnerships with individuals, businesses, and other organizations, so that we can make an even greater impact this year.


Timothy J. Corbitt, MSW, LCSW
Executive Director

Our History

In 1982, The Corliss Institute, Inc. was created to provide an educational, environmental and residential setting for deaf adults who have mild to profound disabilities in addition to their deafness. It began with one house, a potential day center, a single staff member and six clients.

Today, our community includes the Main Street Center, a garden campus and surrounding apartment housing for 44 residents. We offer daily support, guidance and training to more than 25 clients. Our staff, the majority of whom are deaf, understand the special needs of our clients and serve as role models in the community.

The Corliss Institute, Inc. is a state licensed non-profit corporation that provides residential, program, family and community services for deaf adults with developmental disabilities and others with unique communication modes.  Corliss operates 24/7 with three (3) shifts of staff to assure Day program (M – F, 9 – 3) services, as well as evening and overnight supports in the individual’s home and/or at one or more other locations of the individual’s choice. 

Our Mission

Each client is encouraged to be as independent as possible. Staff assists others in planning their own daily life and outings and encourages community interaction and employment. They are available to help when any problem arises or extra support is needed. Services are concentrated in multiple areas: Residential, Independent Living, Employment Preparation and Community Interaction.


Training in residential skills includes budgeting, paying utilities, using a checking account, housekeeping, shopping and preparing meals and learning to use special devices designed for those who cannot hear. 


Education in independent living includes working to improve personal skills. Staff works with clients to give them information on health maintenance, personal hygiene and nutrition. Members are also taught the use of public and other forms of transportation.

Our Values

Dignity:  We meet the highest standards of personal integrity and clinical practice and are at the forefront of innovation.

Individuality:  We recognize and appreciate personal uniqueness and cultural diversity.

Service:  We offer prompt, professional and result oriented service for our clients, their families and our staff.

Community:  We believe the Rhode Island community includes all people of our state. 

Leadership:  We meet the highest standards of personal integrity and clinical practice and are at the forefront of innovation. 

Our Services


Corliss provides specialized training to meet individual needs in a Center-based Day Program.

Located in the heart of Warren, Corliss participants receive support level of independence they desire. 

Providing members with training in work habits, filling out applications, using public transportation, and more.


Provides a wealth of social, civic, educational and cultural opportunities.

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